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About Us

Excellence is our habit and itis an ethics in Skytoadi


Skytoad is driven by the convergence of technology and innovation. One of leading varied software
development and IT outsourcing organizations that offers exemplary IT services and solutions to meet the
clients’ unique requirements to help them meet their long-term objectives.

Our Story

Skytoad envisions becoming a leading IT service provider in every dimension and domain of the IT industry by providing cost-effective and highly efficient web and software solutions in the ever-changing IT landscape and strives to become the catalyst for organizations to help them embrace the digital agenda.

Our Mission

Skytoad is committed to creating 360 business value for clients and driving continuous innovation to remarkably meet the growing customer expectations and empower business enterprises with optimized systems.


Software Development

Our software developers specialize in a variety of different programming languages and niches. Their skills include enterprise software and ERP to coding for B2B programs or consumer-facing B2C interfaces. The right developer can craft a custom user interface with the unique functionalities and features you want, whether it’s a new project or a revamp and update of an existing interface.

Mobile Developers

Mobile app developers are amongst the most sought-after professionals in the industry. iTech has some exceptional talent who can work onsite on a temporary basis. This gives you the ability to take on mobile development projects that you might otherwise be forced to postpone or decline. Our developers can take on enterprise mobile, B2B and consumer-facing B2C applications, in both native and hybrid forms. In a world where mobile devices are starting to account for more and more screen time, it has never been so important to have the right mobile developers working on your side.

UI/UX Designers

UI/UX designers deal in all aspects of an interface’s appearance, architecture/design and any other interface elements that impact your experience as a user. In order to be effective, you need a UI/UX designer who has a firm understanding of your typical user and that user’s needs, preferences and ideals. Only then can they develop an intuitive, user-friendly interface that’s both attractive and engaging. A solid UI can mean the difference between success and failure for an app, software program or website. What’s more, much of the QA process will be affected by your design team, so hiring the right design talent will help you avoid overruns later in the project.

QA Testers

Insufficient QA testing can result in a software interface or application that’s clunky, hard to use and lacks engagement—the exact opposite of your objective. An experienced team of QA testers will make all the difference. We’ll provide you with talent who will understand your end-user, their wants, their needs and how they’ll be interacting with your UI.

Quality Assurance Project Managers

Quality assurance project managers are essential players in the formula for success, whether you’re developing a new enterprise app or a B2C software suite. A capable QA project manager possesses a unique blend of technical and managerial skills and knowledge of factors impacting user experience. At iTech, we have talent with these skills to work onsite on a short-term or per-project basis.


Java/eCommerce Developers

Virtually every large company uses Java in some capacity, making Java developers very sought-after, particularly in eCommerce. Java is prominently used in eCommerce websites, applications and even in the financial sector, including trading apps. A responsive and user-friendly eCommerce platform can mean the difference between success and failure for your company, so it’s vital that you have an experienced Java developer who can bring your vision to life.


.NET C# Developers

.NET C# Developers can build a range of Windows client apps, client-server apps, database applications, and XML web services on a .NET framework. iTech works with developers with extensive C# programming experience who can create an array of apps to suit your unique requirements.


SAP Specialists

The cloud affords you with a great deal of flexibility, particularly when it comes to scalability and mobility. But to get the maximum benefit from your company’s cloud infrastructure, you need a secure, well-crafted cloud computing strategy. Our architects can help you to devise a winning cloud implementation plan, in addition to addressing issues such as security, cloud management/monitoring and even cloud application design.


WebSphere WMQ/WMB Systems Engineers

If you need an expert in IBM’s WebSphere MQ (also called WMQ or MQSeries) and WebSphere Message Broker (WMB), then a WebSphere Systems Engineer may be the right fit for your company’s needs. This complex enterprise technology requires a high level of expertise and specialization, whether you’re implementing a new enterprise software suite or reconfiguring and updating middleware. A temporary onsite WebSphere systems engineer will ensure the project is completed to spec.


Business Intelligence Services

Our business intelligence services are designed to empower large companies and enterprises, as they strive to fully leverage data in a meaningful and insightful way. This is achieved through analytics-gathering tools, BI interfaces such as IBM Cognos and bespoke reporting systems. Our business intelligence specialists will work with your company to understand your needs and objectives. Then we’ll work to implement a system that allows you to get the maximum benefit from your data.


Business Analysts

Our business analysts know what it takes to succeed in a very competitive world. We’ll work with company leaders to identify and address problem areas. Our goal is to enhance and streamline operations using a custom-crafted strategy developed for your unique business objectives.


Cloud Architects

The cloud affords you with a great deal of flexibility, particularly when it comes to scalability and mobility. But to get the maximum benefit from your company’s cloud infrastructure, you need a secure, well-crafted cloud computing strategy. Our architects can help you to devise a winning cloud implementation plan, in addition to addressing issues such as security, cloud management/monitoring and even cloud application design.


Data Warehouse – Cloud Data

Your data warehouse is a primary source of the information that allows you to make informed, data-driven business decisions. With the scalability, accessibility and affordability of cloud technology, many companies are making the transition to a cloud-based data warehouse. But migrating that data is a very complex task, and you might not want to devote all of your in-house IT professionals to handling it. Our cloud data specialists can work onsite with your team to ensure your data is migrated in a fast, secure and efficient manner, with minimal disturbance to your everyday workflow.


Database Administrators

An experienced database administrator is essential to a reliable, well-running tech infrastructure. A top database administrator can assist with the development and execution of a company data management/storage strategy, along with restructuring/reconfiguring, migrations and scaling. The administrator can also tend to day-to-day operations like performance monitoring, capacity planning and security.


Network Administrators

Network administrators, also known as systems administrators, play a critical role in the management and oversight of your company’s network of computers and devices. This can include everything from managing LANs and WANs, to configuring intranets and ensuring that your organization’s network remains secure, stable and user-friendly. Network management is complicated by the consistent arrival of new technology. This is precisely where an experienced network administrator can assist. Our talent can help with new implementations and roll-outs, whether you’re migrating to the cloud or need help integrating new software into your network.


Deployment Managers

In a fast-evolving tech sphere, deployment managers are in high demand. Many companies don’t have a consistent long-term need for a deployment manager’s services. iTech’s talent can assist you by providing temporary onsite staffing. These tech professionals can oversee a variety of different deployments, from the launch of a new enterprise software program or a customized mobile app, to a new algorithm, cloud network or even a new tech policy (such as a bring your own device policy.)


IT Architects

IT architects can lead the way to developing a robust, secure, user-friendly and solutions-driven tech infrastructure. An experienced IT architect can be especially helpful in today’s fast-evolving technology landscape. You’ll have the ability to leverage the latest and greatest methodologies, hardware, software and networks. Whether you’re building an entirely new IT infrastructure from the ground-up, or simply need to modify or scale your existing architecture, the experts at iTech are ready to help.


IT Project Managers

A good IT project manager (PM) can mean the difference between a successful project that’s completed on-time and within budget, and a venture that fails. Our PMs have a unique blend of IT/technical skills, management skills and interpersonal skills—all critical elements in the recipe for success.


Our Employees are our Biggest Asset

As a Technology Solutions Company, we make a conscious effort to hire the best, work with the best and retain the best employees from across the globe. Which means we bring the best to your technology project.